We digitize the point of sale.

Turn your store into a smart one.


We connect the physical world with the digital world

QR code platform for the point of sale

Rebrain is a QR code management platform for companies looking to activate campaigns at the point of sale. A reliable and scalable solution with personalized attention.

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Gaming experiences for brands

Interact with your customers using QR codes. Create different plug & play digital experiences to increase interaction, generate conversion and obtain user data at the point of sale.

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Computer vision applied to products

Software for the recognition and analysis of images of products displayed on shelves. Make a comparison of each audit to identify deviations in each planogram.

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Retail Media Connection

We created our own Circuit of LED screens in Retail to impact the consumer with advertisements at the exact moment of purchase. We manage content remotely and centrally.

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Interactive Touch Screens

We develop digital solutions for the point of sale through interactive screens offering relevant content to the customer at the time of purchase.

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Electronic Shelf Labels

Implement electronic labeling (ESL) to save time with automatic price updates. Manage all labels centrally and remotely.

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Sensors and automation

We incorporate different types of sensors in the rack to automate processes and eliminate the manual effort of repetitive tasks, optimizing operation time.

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Platform for visits and audits

Online platform for surveys and visits at the point of sale. Manage teams to perform specific tasks and obtain information in real time.

Operation Platform

Innovation processes for the point of sale

Through thought processes together with our clients, we develop innovative ideas until they are executed.

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AManage content in QR codes in a massive and automated way

Our Digital Trade Marketing platform allows you to create personalized digital experiences and connect them to unique QR codes.

Create segmented communication campaigns and connect the content you want according to your objectives. You can bulk link your own content or activate our digital modules.

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Know if your products are well displayed on the shelf

Plagram optimizes the allocation of space by category, product and store thanks to image processing.

Reduce stockouts and ensure that your best-selling products are placed exactly where they need to be.

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LED display circuit in retail

We create a retail media circuit in chains of different segments to impact consumers with advertisements from sponsoring brands.

The final objective is to adapt to the objectives of each brand, impacting the consumer at the time and place of purchase.

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Perform different tasks at the point of sale

Use our online platform to manage visits at the point of sale. A new way to survey your business, more efficient and dynamic.

Create visiting teams to carry out audits, surveys and installations of materials and obtain information in real time.

Operations Platform


We are an agency specializing in Digital Trade Marketing

For more than 20 years we have been working to make brands visible at the point of sale. We do it with a deep knowledge of Retail in combination with the development of new technologies.

Innovation Process


We develop software platforms and applications

Development and planning from start to finish for new and in-production projects for Retails, brands and companies.

Survey and audit of current processes, design of an improvement plan and support in implementation.

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Success stories


Scan & Learn, interactive screens in the Farma365 pharmacy.

How recommending a product in front of the shelf can increase sales.

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GS1 Argentina audits missing items in gondola with computerized vision.

See how to get information about your product displayed in real time in each audit.

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PedidosYa bet on Digital Trade Marketing with QR codes.

Digitize the experience in thousands of gastronomic establishments through materials connected with QRs.

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More and more digital stores








A platform to have all the control

Rebrain Dev is our platform that enables retailers and brands to manage hundreds of touchpoints to create dynamic, contextualized experiences.

All the information provided by our Software is displayed on dashboards from any device.

"Entendemos que el consumidor del futuro tendrá un comportamiento omnicanal, por eso apostamos a la digitalización de nuestras farmacias junto a Rebrain"

Tatiana Selma (Gerente de Proyecto)

"La innovación en el canal moderno es un factor clave para las marcas líderes de categoría, Rebrain es un aliado estratégico en nuestro objetivo de digitalización del punto de venta."

Matías Carrillo (Gerente General Chile)

"Buscamos que la experiencia en nuestras tiendas sea cada vez más atractiva, las herramientas de Rebrain nos permiten conectar al cliente con soluciones personalizadas e interactivas"

Lucas Smart (Gerente de Marketing)


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